Mr. Rap Sheet (@RapSheet)

Ian Rapoport from the Boston Herald mentioned that he liked my blog yesterday. I was very flattered that he took the time to look through my blog (I think he did) and enjoyed my work of art.

Since he complimented my work, I decided to give him his own portrait.

For this specific entry, I decided to do something that I’ve never done before. I gave him an environment. Since he is a Patriots beat writer, I decided to place him outside of Gillette Stadium. I also gave him a Blackberry and a recording device for his interviews with the players.

And now..the unveiling of my newest masterpiece..DRUM ROLL, PLEASE [Insert Drum-roll here]..


Until next time!

Skip Bayless - Not suitable for minors or a-holes.

If you follow me on twitter (@missdaiana), it should come to no surprise that I hate Skip Bayless. I don’t follow him on twitter but many of my tweeps do, and of course, they retweet him.

Skip Bayless is the type of person that likes to stir things up. He basically talks out of his ass to get ratings (his show is horrible).  He also works on one of my most hated networks…ESPN. I’m beginning to loathe watching ESPN minus a few things (like DLHQ & some games). My hate for Skip Bayless is no secret. So I decided to draw my interpretation of him.

I hate you, Skip Bayless and I will continue to voice my hate for you.

Red Sawx - Fried Chicken & Beer special!

There have been (confirmed) rumors that some Red Sox pitchers were drinking beer, eating fried chicken and playing video games in the clubhouse (on days they didn’t pitch). After the Braves collapse, I am so glad the Red Sox did too. It took away from the fact that the Braves had just lost the wild card. (In other great news, the Phillies were eliminated from contention in the first round).  

This story inspired me to draw this illustration of Josh Beckett (Or any other pitcher) drinking a beer and eating a fried drum stick. (Isn’t it obvious?)